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Metabo Cordless Technology

Born through design.

The new L, LT and LTX-class cordless range are masters of their trade. There are many reasons for this: They are high-performance machines and extraordinarily light and compact. The new gear concept with its innovative torque clutch makes a wider range of applications possible, as the adjustable torque range has been virtually doubled. Thanks to our new motor & battery concept we have been able to make the machines more compact and even more powerful. We have also managed to protect your investment and increase service life through our new electronic single cell protection (ESCP) system which protects the battery pack and the machine from overloading. Our tried-and-tested AIR COOLED charging technology means the battery packs are, as usual, charged gently and quickly. Born through design to give you tools you can trust. For added piece of mind we now provide a three-year warranty on all machines, batteries, chucks and chargers.

Metabo Drill

Spanner flat for removing drill chucks - Allows you to change the chuck easily (LT and LTX-class).
43mm collar - For 360degree rotation of side handle. Can be fitted to a drill stand. (LT and LTX-class).
Hex bit holder in spindle - Enables chuck free working, a bonus for when you need to screwdrive in tight spaces (LT and LTX-class).
LED work light - Lights up the darkest of working areas.
Impulse technology - Strength boost on tricky tasks, such as spot-drilling smooth surfaces or removing damaged screws (LT and LTX-class).
Innovative battery technology - Very high quality lithium ion battery cells for outstanding performance. AIR COOLED charging technology for a quicker charge time and a long battery pack service life.
Charge level indicator - So you always know how much power you have available before you start a job.
New electronics concept - Longer service life thanks to electronic monitoring of individual cells (Electronic Single Cell Protection).
New gear speed switch - Optimally suited for onehanded operation; for right or left handed use (LT and LTX-class).
New motor concept - High power to size ratio. Extremely high performance motors across the range.
New gear concept - An innovative, patented torque clutch with more torque settings increases the range of possible working applications (LT and LTX-class).

The complete package.

We have developed a ground-breaking electronics concept for our new cordless drills. The service life of the machines has thereby been increased, as the individual components continually communicate with each other during the working and charging process. The integrated electronics prevent damage to the components by permitting certain threshold values to be exceeded (currents, voltages and temperatures) on work peaks, but providing protective intervention upon continual overloading.

Metabo Drill

New compact motor - If the machine reaches a critical temperature threshold, the electronic unit switches the motor off increasing service life.
Electronic unit - Evaluates the currents, voltages and temperatures occurring as a result of the workload. For the protection of all components the device is switched off upon reaching certain thresholds, thus increasing service life and reducing repair costs.
Battery pack - The battery pack with integrated single cell and temperature monitoring continually transmits the current, voltage and temperature to the electronic unit.

Faster charging, longer lasting.

With our new cordless drills we have realised a perfect interplay between battery and charging technology. Together with the electronic concept, charging processes are gentler and faster. The individual battery cells are protected by ESCP (Electronic Single Cell Protection). The three different battery packs Li-Power Compact, Li-Power Plus and Li-Power Extreme provide the optimum performance required for each and every application within their class.

Metabo Battery

Charge level indicator - Enables continual checks of the current battery pack capacity status.
Highest-quality cells - With the best performance power on the market in their respective class.
Float mounting - The core pack is float-mounted. This gives greater battery cell protection and increased service life.
Temperature monitoring system - For constant checks of the battery pack temperature.
ESCP cell monitoring - Electronic Single Cell Protection protects each and every battery cell from discharging completely while working, and from overcharging during the charging process.

Longer service life through cooling.

Metabo Battery

Our proven air cooled charging technology with its innovative guided air flow ducting cools the battery pack during charging to an optimum temperature level. This shortens the charging process by about 30%, the batteries last signifi cantly longer and saves having to wait long periods for your batteries to charge.

High performance in the smallest of spaces.

Metabo Motor

The new motor concept had a main goal: To achieve high performance while at the same time minimising the size. Our success is shown by the fi gures within the size comparisons. To guarantee a longer service life of the machines, the temperature level must be as low as possible. We implemented that by means of various technical improvements: Optimised ventilation slots and an improved cooling principle, as well as an optimised overload range.

New clutch - More applications.

We have developed a new gear concept for our new cordless drills (LT & LTX Class). The integrated and patented torque clutch system extends the adjustable torque range. In comparison to most other manufacturers, we have almost doubled the available torque range and created the opportunity to perform applications with our products which were previously impossible.

Metabo Motor

New torque clutch system - Larger adjustable torque range for a wider application spectrum.
Needle bearing planets - The planets on the needle bearing in the new gears provide a higher degree of effi ciency, a lower temperature level, longer service life and lower noise emission.
High-performance spindle with precise mounting - For greater precision and a longer service life.
Robust aluminium die-cast gear housing - Longer service life thanks to being very robust as well as having very good heat dissipation properties.